Who We Are

Mogon Pharmaceuticals Sagl is a leading provider of drug delivery systems solutions with a broad range of technology platforms in the pharmaceutical field.


Massimo Pedrani

massimo pedraniMogon Pharmaceuticals is managed by Massimo Pedrani in order to realize his vision of pharmaceutical products to control the targeting, timing and dosing of drug substances in sophisticated drug products.

Massimo Pedrani has over 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical development including drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical technology, quality control and quality assurances field perfected with multinational companies cooperation.


What We Offer

IOR Technology

Immediate release therapeutic system to improve drug substance oral bioavailability.

MOR Technology

Modified release therapeutic system to control gastrointestinal oral release including colon target release.

LIMOR Technology

Stabilized therapeutic system at immediate or modified release by oral route, possibly for liquid raw material to be transformed in solid semisolid forms.

Where we are

Mogon Pharmaceuticals Sagl

Mogon Pharmaceuticals SAGL
Via Lungo Lago Motta 84
6815 Melide

Tel. +41 91 630 69 84
Fax +41 91 630 69 86
Email: massimo.pedrani@mogonpharma.com

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