IOR Technology

Immediate release therapeutic system to improve drug substance oral bioavailability (IOR Technology). 

This technology is suitable far poorly soluble drugs and low oral bioavailability drugs. The system comprises amphyphilic matrix, cyclodextrins and superdisintegrants vehicles.

MOR Technology

Modified release therapeutic system to control gastrointestinal oral release including colon target release (MOR Technology). 

This technology allows to address drug substances with high frequency of administration to be delivered into specific gastrointestinal tract to obtain once a day administration or gastrointestinal target release. The system comprises a mixture of amphyphilic , hydrophilic matrix and other polymers able to vehiculate drug with different chemical physical characteristics.

LIMOR Technology

Stabilized therapeutic system at immediate or modified release by oral route, possibly for liquid raw material to be transformed in solid semisolid forms(LlMOR Technology). 

This technology allows to transform liquid drug substances in solid semisolid drug product with different pharmacokinetic profile to obtain an immediate high bioavailability release or a modified release into the entire gastrointestinal tract.